Collective exhibition

- Siena Alberghi

Collective exhibition

FuoriCampo (Via Salicotto, 1/3), is the main place for contemporary art in Siena, with its art gallery where exhibitions, conferences and meetings are held all year round. The space is now hosting a collective art exhibition called FuoriCampo – 42/24h, the event will be open to the public until February 20th, 2012. If you love photography you can't miss this important exhibit.

Photos by different artists, like Nicola Brandt and Donatella Spaziani, along with videos by Yasmijn Karhof, Yousef Moscatello, Leigh Orpaz and Marina Paris & Alberto D'Amico are displayed here in Siena, and the aim of this event is to discover the different relationships between image and movement, as well as the ones between image and time, according to the viewer. The photos are displayed inside the centre, while videos are screened only in the night. The two forms of art will therefore interfere and the public cannot totally understand what is going on out of his visual perception so he's pushed to make hypothesis, using his imagination and fantasy in order to fill the gap left by the missing medium. Different sounds and images will form an unique architecture of senses. In this way the gallery and the Piazza del Campo square will be transformed into 2 symbiotic organisms, mixed on the same historical background.

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