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The SMS Monumental Complex - Santa Maria della Scala (Piazza Duomo, 2), children's art museum in Siena, is hosting the personal exhibition of the Japanese (although living in Siena) artist Hanako Kumazawa until March 11th, 2012. The exhibit is called "La forma dei sogni" (i.e. The form of dreams).
The exhibit, organized by Michela Eremita, presents 12 busts made of terracotta and stone, representing girls with their hair turned into some dream figures. Near the heads, that representing the 12 months, you can see other works created by the artist in 2009, on the occasion of a previous exhibition called The images of Fantasy. His current project was born right in that time.

Ms. Kumazawa was born in 1972 in Japan, where she got a degree in Sculpture and a second qualification for her studies on conservation and recovery of art. She's been working with different materials (from marble to terracotta) coming from Siena and its territory, where she lives, and all these materials are well mixed in her works. In this exhibition in Siena every work describes a dream, changing its aspect from a month to the other, until it becomes a sort of fairy tale, told by the stones. At the exhibition you can also find a calendar, created by Michela Eremita, with the 12 sculptures photographed by Enrico Blasi.

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